Best Centrifugal Juicers

A centrifugal juicer is an upright device with a super fast spinning mesh chamber read to whip up whatever fruity goodness you place inside with its extra sharp grinding teeth. This works by spinning and shredding the fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens until they are mixed into a pulp, before making their way through the centrifugal part of the juicer wherein the pulp is transformed into juice after funneling out a mesh filter. This is a great way to hone your skills as a juicer, improve your health, or contribute to days filled with great workouts backed by nutritious juices.

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Best Centrifugal Juicers 2016

Centrifugal juicers come in a wide range of prices. You can find these guys starting at $40, and working their way up into the three hundreds. The sky is the limit! But it’s important not to sacrifice quality, otherwise you will find yourself wasting lots of time and food. A bad juicer is code for big disappointment; for that reason we’ve collected a little list of some of our favorite juicers by Breville, Acme Supreme, and Hamilton Beach.

Breville 800JEXL

Breville-800JEXL-Juice-Fountain-Elite-ReviewThis is an elite centrifugal juicer at the top of the price line yet with the Breville reputation that makes it worthwhile. It’s a 1000 watt juicer that comes with a recipe book and it has die-cast steel housing as well as a quality stainless steel filter and is proven to really extract every tiny bit of juice. You can feel good about this investment knowing nothing that goes through it is wasted.

Summing It Up: Excellent extraction ability , large feed tubes and powerful motor. Grab this juicer here at a discounted price.

Breville BJE200XL

Breville-BJE200XL-Compact-Juice-Fountain-700-Watt-Juice-ExtractorA less expensive Breville still offering great quality is the 700 watt Breville BJE200XL. It comes with the stainless steel filter and is perfect for folks looking to try their taste buds at a raw fruit diet, without wasting money on a super cheap juicer that’ll ruin the entire experience.

Summing It Up : Dishwasher safe parts, compact design and powerful motor. Follow this link if you’re interested to learn more about the Breville BJE200XL.

Acme Supreme Juicerator 5001

$_35Something neat about Acme Supreme juicers is that their design hasn’t changed drastically over the past 30 years. Not only does this say something about the long-lasting quality of the design, it also means you can get an older model with as much impact.They’re also very easy to clean.

Summing It Up : Classic design, quality assured and amazing price point. Click here to read how the old school Juicerator 5001 worked for me.

Hamilton Beach 67650H

k2-_0a829dee-975f-4822-9ade-70f6ee29485f.v1This juicer is at the bottom of the price range, but we’re really happy with how well it does its job. It takes on whole foods and juices upwards of 30% more than its competitors in the same price range. It’s also got that stainless steel mesh which makes transforming from pulp to juice very clean and effective.

Summing It Up : Recognized brand, stainless steel cutters and large feed tubes. Click here to grab the the Hamilton Beach 67650A.


There are Centrifugal juicers that would accommodate any price range. So the key would be to look for the features you would like to have in your preferred juicer before eliminating the competition. Nevertheless, these four juicers stood out from the competition and would surely be worth checking out.

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