Best Omega Juicers

Best Omega Juicers

If Captain James T Kirk and Spock were to have juicers in their Starfleet kitchen, the Omega juicers would be the perfect fit. These juicers not only look like miniature versions of Star Trek spacecrafts, their performance is at a galactic level too. Omega is famous for their masticating juicer, which is what you’ll love if you juice anything and everything, doubles as a coffee and spice grinder, triples as a food chopper, and even makes pasta!

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Omega Juicer Reviews

Omega J8006

omega j8006
The Omega J8006 is a masticating juicer. This means that while it’ll take its sweet time to juice your fruits and veggies (hey the motor runs at a snail’s pace of 80 rpm), a majority of the vitamins, enzymes, etc will be retained in the juice. The best thing is that every last drop of juice will be squeezed out of the produce. No waste at all. You can even keep the juice refrigerated for up to a whopping 3 days without worrying about degradation. I tried it and the juice tasted just like it was freshly squeezed (albeit cold).

The chute is on the small side though, so you will need to cut your fruits and veggies into smaller pieces prior to juicing them. On the other hand, it can juice both soft and hard fruits, veggies and even wheatgrass. Just remember to juice the soft fruits first prior to the hard ones to prevent the remains from being clogged inside the juicer. It also doubles as a pasta maker, triples as a food processor (for garlic, onions, pureed food for tots, etc) and quadruples as a coffee and flour grinder, bringing the word multitasking to a whole new level. Buy this from Amazon.

Omega J8004

omega j8004
The Omega J8004 is basically the white and older version of the J8006. Its physical features, functionalities, pros and cons are the same. The only difference is the color (8004 comes with a clean white look while the 8006 comes in a flashy chrome look) and the price (8004 being slightly cheaper than the 8006). Buy this from Amazon.

Omega NC900HDC

Omega NC900HDC
This Omega juicer is the new and improved version of the former juicers reviewed above. By new and improved I mean that while the juicer retains the same perks as the former models, this model’s chute is definitely bigger. Less cutting is required and thus time is saved. You can dump in bigger chunks of veggies and fruits without having to worry about them ‘choking’ or being stuck. Apart from that, the pulp pressure adjustment has been tweaked, giving you more juice and drier pulp than before.

The downside? This model is much more expensive, sporting a beautiful chrome housing and sleek design. Buy this from Amazon.

Omega VRT350

omega vrt350
This is officially my girlfriend’s favorite of the lot. For one, this juicer has a very high yield for wheatgrass, it has a smaller footprint, a bigger chute than the J8004 and J8006 (saves one having to cut the fruits and veggies into little chunks) and the biggest perk of all; it comes with an auto cleaning system.

It has a plastic scraper that automatically rotates as you juice to reduce possibilities of clogging. The only downside to this Omega juicer is its limited features (it doesn’t extrude pasta, make baby food, grind coffee..etc..all the extra features that the models above sport) and apparently it produces more foam in the juice. Not quite sure why that happens but that’s not a major concern. The juice still retains its healthy enzymes due to the slow juicing. Buy this from Amazon.

Omega J8005 Review

Omega J8005 Review

Omega J8005 I have a busy schedule so, I usually have what I call my power juice for breakfast. It is the first thing that I look forward to when it comes to starting the day with a full meal. My juice should have everything I want in it. It should be like an all in one meal so complete, it can satisfy me until lunch. The Omega J8005 is a masticating style extractor that does just that. It promises that the J8005 Nutrition System is engaged with components that easily extracts juice from any ingredients including wheat grass.

Wheat Grass Friendly

Some juicers just don’t play well with wheat grass. They conk out and there goes your money, down the drain. My soy milk with apples and cinnamon never tasted this good until I tried the J8005. It froths up the soy just like I want it. This Omega J8005 doesn’t clog, doesn’t give out foam and no overheating. This really makes a great start to my mornings — Really! Imagine the mess and the “do it all over” routine I have experienced with my other juicers. Well I avoided it all once and for all using this masticating juicer.

Versatile Functions

What I also like is you can almost add anything to it like nuts, pasta, any leafy vegetables, carrots and celery. The pulp comes out really dry so you know, everything you wanted from your veggies are right in your drink!!! They turn out just perfect. This Omega J8005 has no limits. I turned my nuts into peanut butter and I can even grind coffee beans, peppercorns, cinnamon and other herbs that I also add to the juice I want with this Omega J8005. Its low speed of 80 RPM can really do the trick when I start combining healthy ingredients. Some other juicers just can’t take that.

A Tad Heavy

The size is perfect that I can just stow it a way in a jiffy fitting one corner in the kitchen. Its weight, hmmm, I don’t really mind as I have the muscle for it. Omega J8005 is not that heavy, but imagine how this 20-pound juicer with 2 HP motor can do almost anything I feed in it. It can tackle the worst juicing ingredients, without any distracting sound.


It looks modern with the chrome design. It is easy to clean and the parts can be assembled and disassembled really quickly. A big plus would be the 10 year warranty. I think only the Omega J8005 can give a warranty this long. Pretty sure this product will really outlive any other juicer. A perfect 10 for this one! You can check it out here if you want to pick one up.

For faster juicers you will want to look at centrifugal juicers. If you juice only wheat grass, get a wheatgrass juicer. Read my Best Juicer Reviews for more about juicers.