Black & Decker CJ525 CitrusMate Plus Review

Black & Decker CJ525 CitrusMate Plus Review

CitrusMate+PlusMost of my treasured power tools are Black & Decker products so I was a bit biased when it came to choosing this juicer! The Black & Decker CJ525 is a small kitchen appliance that can do big things. I came across so many options but at last settled for the Black & Decker CJ525 CitrusMate Plus Citrus Juicer. The idea was to find a product that did exactly what I needed with an affordable price tag.

Tiny Frame That Hides Wonders

Do not let the size fool you, underneath its tiny construction is a large capacity juicer. This little R2D2 (remember star-wars?) of a juicer allows you to squeeze out a liter of orange, lime, grapefruit or lemon juice at once. You can then store the juice in your refrigerator for later. This juicer doesn’t feature the most unique design on the market but it does perform remarkably. The plastic exterior of the juicer is really hardy. I have dropped mine twice while cleaning but it survived the accidental assaults and continued working just fine. I haven’t seen one in a different color but white is okay because it blends in with every kitchen. I am a simplist anyway.

Surprisingly Easy Operation

The simplicity of using the Black & Decker CJ525 is what made us adore this citrus juicer so much more. You can easily operate it using one hand because it is very light. Just press the half cut fruit (lemon, orange or lime) lightly on the cone and the juicer does the rest. It also has an automatic reamer reverse feature to ensure that you don’t miss a drop of the good stuff. The cones also come in different sizes for small or large fruits. It is also very easy to switch and fit them onto the reamer. The clear pitcher allows you to see and measure how much juice you are making so you don’t have to guess. Other great features include its portability and the in-built pitcher with an easy-pour spout. It also has the capability to stir and control the amount of pulp that ends up in your prepared juice through the strainer. The juicer also has a top cover to prevent dust from going into the cones or reamer.

Effortless Cleanup and Storage

I haven’t seen one in a different color but white is okay because it blends in with every kitchen (my opinion). Storing the juicer is quite simple. All you have to do is wind the power cord around a slot at the bottom and place it in cupboard or on a shelf until you need it again. Cleaning is also a breeze but it requires hand washing with warm soapy water and a soft sponge. We bought our juicer for less than $20 which also makes it pocket friendly.


I would totally recommend the The Black & Decker CJ525 to anyone who is looking for a cheap, simple, easy to use and reliable juicer. Follow this link to grab this juicer now.

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Best Black & Decker Juicers

Best Black & Decker Juicers

Not interested in veggie juice? Want to get a simple juicer for orange juice? Anyone can start juicing with a Black and Decker juicer. Black & Decker makes some really good citrus juicers; electric ones, so you don’t have to worry about expending arm power. Another good thing about Black & Decker juicers is that they’re easy on the pocket.

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Black & Decker Juicer Reviews

Black & Decker JE2200B

black decker JE2200B
This simple and rectangular looking Black & Decker juicer actually supports a 400 W motor to produce fresh juice within a matter of seconds for you. Not much brain power is required to operate this juicer as it comes with a simple on/off switch and a 300 ml container which also acts as a pitcher with a spout. This is a cheap and compact juicer that caters for both fruits and hard veggies.

The pulp container is integrated to the body of the juicer, thus saving a lot of kitchen counter top space for you. I seldom come across designs like these so kudos to the juicer designer for coming up with such a great idea. The only complaint I have is the chute. It is rather small and thus you will need to cut or slice your fruits into smaller pieces before stuffing them into the chute. Otherwise, this is a great and cheap product! Get it here.

Black & Decker CJ630 Electric Citrus Juicer

Black Decker CJ630
Every citrus juice fan should have this Black & Decker citrus juicer. Slice your fruits in half and press them on top of the reamer (reamers come in 2 sizes; big to cater for lemons and oranges and small for grapefruits. Also note the indigenous design where the big cone ‘sits’ on top of the small cone to save space) and the reamer will automatically spin to extract your juice up to a whooping 32oz at one go.

There is a pulp setting which allows you to control how much pulp goes into your drink. Pretty cool but there seems to be a slight design flaw as the amount of pulp collected doesn’t really reflect the pulp settings. A set of blades is placed below the reamer to ‘push’ the pulp through and reduce clogging.

However, the automatic reverse feature can be a little tricky and difficult to control. Perhaps it requires a certain amount of pressure on the reamer to control it? I’m not sure but will definitely require some time to master the auto reverse function. Also, the cord while retractable is a little short. I rather expected that for such a small device but still wish it were longer. All in all, this is a decent citrus juicer. Get it here.

Black & Decker CJ625

Black Decker CJ625
This Black & Decker juicer sports a yellow reamer instead of the former model’s white colored one and has a larger capacity at 34 oz hence the higher cost. Otherwise they are similar in functions. I don’t know why but the motor for this model tends to heat up faster. It might be a defective product (read, product, not model) but since my girlfriend who self proclaims to have sensitive fingers can withstand the heat, it’s not a major problem. Get it here.

Black & Decker CJ525

Honestly, I don’t understand why Black & Decker need to come up with so many models of citrus juicers when all of them perform quite impressively. For me, this is the best citrus juicer among all of them. This Black & Decker juicer has almost identical functions to the previous 2, meaning that it has the auto reverse function, pulp settings, a pair of blades to push the pulp through, double reamers big and small, nice rim to prevent dripping and has fairly easy cleanup; just rinse everything under running water immediately after use. Don’t leave the juicer overnight as the pulp stuck in the strainer will dry up and become hard to remove.  Get it here.